Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 10, 2018

Now Pay Attention!

A “top” and I use the term loosely, Tory Aughton Park Ward Councillor made it clear how riveting a WLBC training session on planning was, as she clearly demonstrated her interest in the subject today . We are clearly in good hands, but we can only hope there will be no re-run of the Parrs Lane planning proposal during her tenure of the seat?

Was it the weather, the subject, or her trainer, or a combination of all three, that put her to sleep? 


  1. That horror is an absolute disgrace.

    • Sleeping on the job…shocking! How much planning tuition did she sleep through…?

      • In fairness, how hard can it be to learn how to nod to developers and shrug to angry public? Her time may be better spent learning IT skills, especially in areas such as ‘Copy/Paste’.

      • Ah yes, the cut’n paste of the “Annual Report” for Halsall that came from the Westley annual report to Downholland…she just forgot to change the name…I’ve heard there is a book entitled “The Idiots’ Guide To Being A Councillor” coming out soon…first chapter is apparently “They can’t catch you out if you do nowt”.

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