Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 9, 2018

New Parish Councillor For Aughton Land Holdings Disclosed

The minutes for the May 2018 meeting of Aughton Parish Council [APC] state “10937 Vacancies In The Office Of Parish Councillor: to complete the final stage of the co-option process. The Chairman reported on the current situation. There had been two applicants, one of whom had been unavailable for interview at the time but arrangements would be made to find an alternative date. The Interview Selection Panel had interviewed one prospective candidate who appeared to be committed to contributing to the Parish Council’s aims and objectives in serving the local community. The recommendation was then made that Mr Ian Mercer be invited and co-opted onto Aughton Parish Council to fill a vacancy in Delph Ward. The recommendation was APPROVED AND RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY”.

As we all know, membership of the APC is conditional on “A Parish Councillor must be aged 21 years or over, be a British subject or a citizen of the Irish Republic and be (i) a local government elector of the Parish, or ii) a person who a) has during the whole of the twelve months before he was nominated as a candidate, occupied land or other premises as owner or tenant in the Parish, or (b) has, during the same period, resided in that area or within three miles thereof, or (c) has, during the same period had his principal or only place of work in that area. Cllr Mercer qualifies by virtue of the Parish of Aughton “Notification of member/Co-opted Member of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Non-Pecuniary Interests”. In this respect APC Cllr Mercer writes “See Additional Page” which lists items 1-8 relating to agricultural land in Aughton.

In the matter of contracts is stated “No formal contract in place. The council does purchase de-icing salt from NWT Supplies Ltd and may purchase turf from North West Turf Ltd” .

Included in “Influence of public opinion or policy” is stated “Land described under “land” on page 2 of this document para 2) has been submitted to the “call for sites” for the West Lancashire Local Plan. Item 2) states “Agricultural land, approximately 11 acres, at continuation of Middlewood Rd and Middlewood Drive. 1/3 ownership. Used for turf production or rental to other farmers”.

You can read the full declaration here

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