Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 9, 2018

Dream On Tusk!

Using undemocratic and ill judged remarks, the appalling EU Council President Donald Tusk today “blasted Boris Johnson and David Davis” and said he hopes their shock departures will stop Brexit. The Brussels chief warned that while the two Brexit-backing Cabinet ministers have left Theresa May’s Government ‘the problems they cause remain’.

And he suggested that the Government meltdown could stop Britain’s historic decision to quit the bloc in its tracks. Tusk wrote on Twitter ‘Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain. I can only regret that the idea of Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson. But…who knows?

His comments came after an EU diplomat compared Mr Davis’ decision to quit as Brexit Secretary to ‘rats’ leaving a ‘sinking ship’. The EU diplomat told the Telegraph: ‘Davis’ resignation will be framed as not taking responsibility for a soft Brexit but looks more like not taking responsibility at all.’It is starting to look like the flight of the Brexiteers. They landed your country in a mess and now they’re leaving for higher ground. Rats and sinking ships…that age old tale.’

This is what these wretched people in the EU think of us, of the United Kingdom. They should be ashamed of themselves and their gutter comments. Well sorry to disappoint you Tusk, but we will leave as decided by the law of the this country.

And no, this country isn’t in a mess, 17.4million people made the biggest vote ever, exercised the democratic right to leave the corrupt and appalling EU. So dream on Tusk, a no-deal exit is on its way if that’s what we need to escape!

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