Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 8, 2018

Remain Is In Breach Of A Sovereign Decision

I just read that “The British people voted Leave, but the bulk of British politicians are Remain. Ever since the referendum Brexiteers have been wrestling with “this collision between representative democracy and direct democracy” with the issue now being “whether these solutions agreed at Chequers are sufficiently mindful of the sovereign decision the British people took to leave the EU”.

What did I want if I could be freed from the EU? I wanted to reclaim the democracy lost under the government of Edward Heath from the appalling faceless, often corrupt, and unelected Brussels bureaucrats. I wanted not to contribute towards the enormous sums taken from our taxation and paid to EU coffers, sums that were never legally audited. I wanted my country to be a sovereign state again where MPs would make our laws. I wanted the UK to trade freely anywhere in the world. I wanted lower net migration that could reasonably be integrated into UK services and infrastructure without harm. And I wanted links with every member country of the Commonwealth restored and never again broken.

And so I voted to leave the EU, as did a total of 17.4million others, a legal majority. But it soon became obvious the minority would not accept the referendum result. This often happens in EU controlled countries, but mainly in weak and small member countries reliant on EU cash, my, your, cash!

I have watched our own leadership roll over in exactly the same way. The route of the Brexit negotiations has taken another lurch down the road towards capitulation. I believed I lived in a democratic country. What a fool I was! Instead we have an influential minority convinced that they know better than the public what is best for them. They worked tirelessly to thwart the result of the 2016 referendum. When a minority sets out to defeat the will of the majority we have taken a step towards a dictatorship. Theresa May has promised much, but has rolled over at the least whiff of a threat from the Brussels bureaucrats. It’s appalling and undemocratic.

As an example, eminent QC Martin Howe has published this view of how the scope of the “common rulebook” would only be “common” in the sense that the UK would have to obey and apply in complete detail the laws promulgated by the EU without having a vote on the content of those laws. He writes “An example is the detailed EU rules on the requirements for labelling vacuum cleaners with energy test results, which were framed by the Commission to require tests to be performed in a way which gave an advantage to German manufacturers over Dyson’s  more efficient bag-less designs.

“These particular rules were successfully challenged at one stage by Dyson in the ECJ (Case C-44/16 P Dyson Ltd v. European Commission, 11 May 2017), but more recently Dyson may suffer a reverse since an ECJ Advocate-General has expressed the view that EU law does not permit Dyson to display supplementary information about its own tests alongside the officially required (and flawed) EU energy tests: Case C-632/16 Dyson Ltd v. BSH Home Appliances NV , AG Opinion 22 Feb 2018 the ECJ’s judgment is expected before long. The Dyson case illustrates how the EU regulatory system for goods can already be skewed in favour of Continental interests and against British manufacturers. More significantly, the system is skewed in favour of existing technologies and against innovators. Once we leave the EU and no longer have a vote on the framing of these types of rules, the EU will have a positive incentive to frame its rules in order to disadvantage UK producers who will be obliged to follow those rules”.

These proposals therefore lead directly to a worst-of-all-worlds “Black Hole” Brexit where the UK is stuck permanently as a vassal state in the EU’s legal and regulatory tar-pit, still has to obey EU laws and ECJ rulings across vast areas, cannot develop an effective international trade policy or adapt our economy to take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit, and has lost its vote and treaty veto rights as an EU Member State.

Will we ever achieve democracy and sovereignty? While Theresa May is PM, probably not!

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