Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 7, 2018

On Becoming A Vassal State

If during a transition period we must obey European rules while no longer helping to write them, Britain will become a “vassal state”.

In response to the Government’s statement at the conclusion of the Chequers summit, John Longworth, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave , commented “We have now seen Theresa May’s true colours. This is a bad deal for the UK which will only slide further as the EU take more and more. Our weak Prime Minister has driven the process of leaving the EU inscrutably into a corner, in concert with her Chancellor.

“The Prime Minister has totally misled 17.4 million voters and left it as late as possible to reveal that she remains a stubborn Remainer. Worse still, she has personally deceived us by promising in the Conservatives’ election manifesto that Brexit means Brexit when, in fact, May’s Brexit means BRINO “Brexit In Name Only” a fake Brexit.

“Now we are faced with becoming a vassal state of the German/French racket, they have us exactly where they want us, unable to compete, taking enormous quantities of their products at inflated prices, protected from global competition by the fortress Europe tariff and regulatory wall, and impeded from doing trade deals around the globe. We will be controlling neither laws, nor trade, nor borders. A total, humiliating capitulation”.

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