Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 6, 2018

Please Pay For Our SPIDs? Yes, Will £3,000 Be OK?

Today WLBC wrote “I can confirm that a decision was made to award grant funding to Aughton Parish Council for their SPID parish capital application on 23/5/18 and they were informed of this decision on the 25/5/18. The Borough Council will provide 50% match funding for this scheme with a maximum contribution of £3,000.

“Other terms and conditions for this scheme include:
– The grant can only be used for the scheme specified and changes to the scheme need to be agreed in writing.
– Payments will be made exclusive of VAT following submission of copy invoices.
– The Parish Council shall be responsible for all operational matters during and following completion of the scheme and shall make adequate revenue provision to ensure that the scheme can continue in future years.
– The scheme should be completed within 2 years.
– The Borough Council may seek to recover part or its entire grant funding if the scheme is not delivered in line with the agreed terms and conditions”.

And so the Aughton Parish Council treasury huge fortune remains intact, last accounts signed 27 June 2018 showing the total value of cash and short term investments having soared to £117,857 (+£8618) in 12 months, and total fixed assets likewise up to £320,809 (+£11,039). Is there no shame felt by the Aughton Parish Council over this greedy deal? Probably not!

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