Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 18, 2018

Not Another HMO?

OWLs  are asking “What do you if there are 285 student rooms available in 58 student houses, while Edge Hill University will open 82 new student rooms like these in September and expect their intake to fall for the second year in a row, and you have a house in Peet Avenue in Ormskirk”. Simple…You apply for a change of use to HMO…and WLBC confirms “That proposed development is compliant with the NPPF and relevant policies in the West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-27 and is recommended for approval”. You couldn’t make it up. 

But it has been called-in, as former councillor Dowling requested it be referred to Planning Committee to consider the impact on the amenity of nearby residents, highway safety and appropriateness of a HMO at this location. Ormskirk Residents Group (11/05/2018) – Object on the grounds of: No demonstrable need. Student number at Edge Hill University have fallen; Conflicts with Policy GN3 of the WLLP. Student lifestyle invariably conflicts with that of working families and older residents; Parking is a potential problem.

And there are 32 letters objecting to the proposal on the following grounds: Parking; Alter residential character of street; Highway safety; Increase in traffic; Noise in terms of different living patterns of students; Concerns of upkeep of property; Vehicle access and turning; Impact on existing residents’ health and wellbeing; Access for emergency services / delivery vehicles / refuse vehicles compromised; Drainage and waste; Loss of family home; Road already congested.

Our West Lancashire states “It’s about balanced communities: something national planning policy recognises but to which local planners seem to have a blind spot”. And the application doesn’t bode well for the business plan of the applicant who seeks to provide more accommodation in a diminishing market, that’s if he’s got one?

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