Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 13, 2018

OWLs Flying High

Council Leader announces victory for common sense after sustained pressure from Our West Lancashire. Cllr Adrian Owens  announced that “Yesterday, Cllr Ian Moran announced that the ruling Labour group would change council policy. Those residents faced with a charge of £25 and a forced change to a blue bin from the smaller recycling box would now instead be provided with a blue bin free of charge, with those who have already paid being refunded.

“This change came about after many of you told us about this totally unjust charge in response to our last newsletter. We took up the campaign for fairness on your behalf and uncovered a whole series of errors in the way the council were handling the matter.

“It’s taken a month of sustained pressure from ourselves and concerned residents, but finally we appear to have a victory for common sense. Better late than never, Cllr Moran. Well done in the end”.

No wonder Owls are happy today .

NB On the other hand “The Conservatives on West Lancs Borough Council are to force a debate at the July Council Meeting on Labour’s recent decision to stop emptying Blue Boxes and Bags as well as their imposition of the £25 charge for a new Blue Wheelie Bin”. Yes, Wally’s party is “…hoping that a full debate on the matter will make Labour realise the widespread public dissatisfaction that has been caused and that they will agree to the Conservative proposals”. Better late than never, or better never than late, that’s Wally for you!

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