Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 13, 2018

Labour Leader Hits At Tory Council Incompetence

Labour is settling some old scores in a statement that includes condemnation of Tory failures not just on waste but the green belt (Parrs Lane), solar panels, failure at Skelmersdale town centre, and IT systems.

“The change from blue boxes and bags to blue bins has caused some concern among residents, which we have been working to address” said Labour Council Leader Cllr Ian Moran . “The policy to charge for replacement blue bins was introduced by the last Conservative administration, with no thought given to the impact on residents should the service ever need to be standardised or measures brought in to increase recycling across the borough.

“Along with many other issues, such as the failure to safeguard green belt land at Parrs Lane, failing to implement solar panels and other measures to improve council properties, the failure to deliver on Skelmersdale town centre, and a chronic lack of investment in council IT systems (including payments systems) needed to increase efficiency and improve services, this policy was yet another example of the Tories’ incompetence and complete disregard for the impact of their actions upon local residents.

“Since we took control of the administration, we have had to undertake a huge amount of work in order to address the state of the council and make it fit for purpose for the 21st Century. The vast majority of this work would not have been necessary had the Tories invested in services, instead of cutting them.

“As a result, it has taken us longer than we would have liked to begin introducing the ambitious projects that we know will transform West Lancashire for the better but we are now heading in the right direction. As soon as we realised the impact the current changes to the blue bins would have on residents we began working to resolve the issue.

This has not been easy, as we are still operating under ongoing cuts to the council’s income from the Tory government’s failed austerity programme and the failure to invest in IT systems that would have identified the scale of the blue bin changes much earlier, but we have now identified a way forward.

“We are currently undertaking a full organisational review, as well as introducing new IT systems in order to address such matters, and we will be bringing this issue of the blue bins to the meeting of the full Council in July, so that we can change this discriminatory policy and allow anyone moving from boxes/bags to blue bins to do so without charge.

“Anyone who has already paid for a blue bin will be refunded and we would advise anyone yet to order their blue bin to wait until after the Council meeting on 18 July so that they can do so directly without charge and avoid the need for a refund. Bearing in mind that we will be heading into the summer holidays when the policy is amended, we will of course extend the deadline for ordering the blue bins until the end of September to allow people sufficient time to place an order before the eventual deadline”.

Cllr Moran seems to have forgotten to mention the disgrace of the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill, all introduced under the Tory party. Glad to remind him!

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