Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 12, 2018

Local Bus Users Don’t Matter To Foreign Bus Owners

The folly of allowing UK basic services to be bought out by foreign companies is laid bare as German owned Arriva, part of the Deutsche Bahn Group, has made yet another arbitrary decision regardless of the needs of local bus users, seemingly aided and abetted by three County Councillors none of whom live in the area affected!

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has hit out at Arriva following their decision to reroute the 375   bus service away from Grimshaw Lane in Ormskirk. Many residents have contacted MP Rosie, concerned over the changes with the current route serving the Grimshaw Lane area well, including the residents of Whittle Drive and Scott Estate.

Arriva consulted on the proposed changes with three County Councillors but failed to communicate with the MP, local Borough Councillors and residents. Rosie Cooper has called on Arriva to carry out further consultation and research before arriving at a final decision on whether changes are needed or not.

She said “Understandably, residents in the area are concerned at the extra walking distance to their nearest service, particularly many elderly passengers who take the 375 to Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals. Upon raising this issue with Arriva, because residents were told by the bus driver that the bus won’t be running any more, I find out that their consultation process involved a total of one email to three County Councillors – none of whom live in the area affected! Arriva need to rethink the changes and consult with the passengers and local residents first before going ahead with any final decisions”.

When the expected reply “It’s not economical for Arriva to run the service without these changes” arrives, remember that they recently stated “Subtle changes are happening to the Arriva brand. We are refreshing our colourways and are introducing a new look to the Arriva. When we put a new bus on the road, or when we need to repaint one of your existing buses we will do it in the new colours and add the new logo . When we need to replace timetables we will do so using the new style. This way we keep the cost of the refresh to a minimum and focus our efforts on maximising your bus services”.

Looks like they focussed on minimising the 375 service? New logo, same crap service?


  1. So presumably the area’s county councillor Nikki Hennessey was consulted.

    • Probably, plus two other car drivers who don’t rely or depend on a bus for personal transport?

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