Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 11, 2018

Aughton’s Parish Council Meeting

The Aughton Parish Council (APC)  will meet tonight. The agenda does not inspire enthusiasm to attend. It includes “Vice-Chairman/Parish Clerk’s June Meeting With the Local Police” which, as ever, will inform about the local crimes for the past month. This period of secrecy about real crimes helps nobody, least of all Neighbourhood Watch volunteer coordinators wanting to inform their members.

The provision of promised SPIDs  to help against motoring offences is not on the agenda. So as WLBC dithers about granting APC matched funding for half the costs despite the APC coffers bulging with unspent/unallocated cash, another month of danger on Long Lane and other dangerous roads has passed. When will it end? Not tonight it seems.

Aughton itself remains scruffy and unkempt, un-mowed grass everywhere, the huge pavement pothole  outside the Co-op, road gutters filthy, and a Police Sign  still on display from 2016. 

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