Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 7, 2018

Champion Reports Moon Resignation

In the Garstang Courier of 9 February 2011 the headline read “Dog poop bag row councillor resigns”. Talking exclusively to The Courier Irene Horner, the recipient of his thrown poop bag said “This is disgraceful behaviour from a cabinet councillor, which only serves to bring the council into disrepute. Can you imagine the outrage if someone in the public gallery had thrown something at a councillor”?

And wearing underpants on his head in a council meeting? Hardly serious enough to warrant election?

And now, in a Champion story  the headline reads “Borough Councillor who also holds seat in Wyre steps down”. It’s due to a personal and private personal matter. Moon’s recent public comments about a “helping hand to that area” and “but it is due to come to an end very soon” has indeed ended, for personal reasons. Personal enough for the chairmanship of Wyre Planning Committee and the stipend that goes with it?

In whose interests does Moon resign? However Moon wants to describe his departure, the public perception is everything. However and why ever Moon really came to WLBC is beyond comprehension. What did he bring, other than incredulity that the West Lancashire Tory party was in hock to the South Ribble Tory party. What did Westley say to WL residents about Moon? Nothing? And it is the chairman of South Ribble who today explains Moon’s selection by them. Justification? Elected by local residents, who weren’t informed of his Wyre membership.

And so it seems that the same people will ensure the South Ribble Tory party will repeat history so as to “hold the Labour administration in West Lancashire to account”. Just like Moon didn’t! But he did add two years at £4,840 per year to his bank account. And that was the crux of it all? Probably.

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