Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 4, 2018

How Proud Are You To Be English?

The BBC reports that young people are far less likely to feel proud to be English  than older generations, a major survey reveals. Eight out of 10 people in England identify strongly as English but pride varies by age.

YouGov surveyed 20,081 people and found 72% of over-65s are proud to be English, compared with 45% of 18-24s. Half of those surveyed think England was better in the past, with one in six believing its best days lie ahead.

In West Lancashire , YouGov’s model suggests
66% of people are proud to be English, England average: 57%
People think the best years are in the…past: 53% England average: 49% future: 16% England average: 17%
People think the local area is getting…better: 9% England average: 11%, worse: 37% England average: 39%
People think they can influence local decisions…a fair amount or a lot: 21% England average: 21%
not very much or at all: 74%. England average: 73%.

What a surprise!

Perhaps those who voted to leave the EU are thinking England’s best days lie ahead, and might England have independence and its own Parliament? As the flag of St George flies over Downing Street , might it fly there and over our Parliament forever? 

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