Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 1, 2018

Downpour On Halsall’s Roads, Pavements, And Gardens

The horrors of Victorian standards of drainage still imposed on modern life were exposed yet again after 20 minutes of heavy rain in Halsall last night. As Lancashire County Council makes false claims that “We’re improving the drains. It will be worth it” the inevitable happened and New Cut Lane was flooded. Halsall Parish Councillor Neil Campbell seems scornful of the notice . Footpath gullies (some recently “improved” by LCC Highways) couldn’t cope with a 20 minute storm. Once the road drains failed , surface water then entered residents’ property  with no resistance from the recently improved footpath gullies, quickly filling their gardens . Residents quickly got out their sandbags knowing that the dried out heavy peat soil (known as “blue billy”) would absorb very little if at all any surface water !

Recently fitted footpath gullies which couldn’t cope, recently cleaned and flushed road gullies failing to cope and flooding residents gardens. Wheelie bins including the new “brown bin” began to float away

Surface water began to lift manhole covers allowing flood water into the area. Latest news is that “UU have been instrumental in cleaning up the localised flooding after surface water drains failed to cope with a moderate 20 minute storm. Residents and teams of UU engineers attended first thing this morning  and have been on site all day in removing silt and debris from neighbours gardens  and driveways assisting the big clear up”.

Some recently improved and cleaned road and footpath gullies failed after 7 minutes of rainfall, and locals are worried on how they will cope if we have further showers over the weekend. LCC Highways staff attended to view for themselves and noted that a capital expenditure for a completely new larger surface drainage system is now required and soon, which may be not soon enough for the long suffering residents!

After the recent flood meeting, residents must ask what capital and what standard of improvements LCC Highways will provide. Will they provide enough funding and improved drainage strategy desperately needed in this area and in what timescale? LCC, over to you, not forgetting the LCC local councillor of course .

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