Selective Self Esteem In Granville Park

A couple of weeks ago I referred to being “Sandbagged, windbagged, O’Tooled, all in one evening, courtesy of the chairman who needs more practice in the art of chairmanship? Probably”, I added.

This occurred during the Aughton Parish Council annual meeting when O’Toole gave his, and the absent Westley’s, annual report. It came with bags of self esteem…including that “At County Hall I have been given the position of chairman of the very important Internal Scrutiny Committee and Chief Whip” truly you might think reflecting his own subjective view of his own worth to the local  electorate? 

Naturally O’Toole described the county mess his party inherited…but “Within days of taking control we set about remedying the situation. We put millions back into highway maintenance…”

But there was a strange O’Toole absence from his annual report about a highways matter much closer to home. Granville Park. The shambolic “single and double yellow line marking exercise from Delph Lane junction down Granville Park to Town Green Lane was undertaken by LCC that apparently breached the TRO, leading to some residents complaining. They have been told there had been an error and the lines would be removed, and some of them have indeed been blasted away yesterday  (05 September 2017). While we await the completion of the work, it seems pertinent for local residents to enquire how and why this situation arose, on whose orders, for LCC to notify the legal status of the TROs, and the costs of a) marking the lines and b) removing them”.

Unbelievably “The cost of marking the lines was £801.12 and the cost of removing the lines was £8,543.58. This was due to the fact that the road had just been resurfaced and the lines couldn’t be burnt off as normal, as this would have severely damaged the new surface. It took a couple of hours to do the lining, but a team 2 weeks to remove them”.

So bad for that selective self esteem? Probably!

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