Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 23, 2018

The Serco Beacon Park Golf Course Scandal

The ongoing scandal of the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill by WLBC/Serco/Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd has come to a head as West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper is pleased to report she has had confirmation from West Lancashire Borough Council that they have served a ‘Breach of Condition Notice’ on the management at Beacon Park Golf Course, Serco .

The breach of condition notice relates particularly to the profiling of a part of the course, whereby the maximum height allowed under the original planning consent has been exceeded for the old driving range , with the quantity of infill which should have been added over the whole site has been concentrated in one area . It is blindingly obvious that the heights created by landfill dumped there are excessive, as we have shown time and again. 

This notice is the latest in a long-running five year saga at the course since Serco took on the management of the facility but outsourced the work to Oaklands Leisure [Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd] which has caused local residents to complain that there was little scrutiny or oversight of the type or quantity of the materials being dumped at the course, nor the money being made by subcontractors.

MP Rosie has raised these issues with both WLBC and Serco Chiefs on many occasions previously, and most recently met with Council Deputy Directors of Leisure, and Housing & Inclusion. 

Rosie is well aware of this   and she has said “What has been going on with Beacon Park Golf Course over many years has been a disgrace and it is timely that action is at last being taken to rectify the situation but this doesn’t end the matter.

“I will continue to pursue this matter as there should be proper accountability by those who made these poor decisions which I believe led to a loss of revenue to WLBC and its council taxpayers from both the course and the proceeds from the amount of rubble and waste materials which have been dumped.

“Serco will now have six months to comply with the breach of condition notice and remove material from the area around the driving range and the foot golf area. I have asked to meet with Serco Directors to get to the bottom of what really has gone on”. 

Good luck with that Rosie, since when did Serco ever comply with the planning conditions and when did WLBC itself ever accept what this website published that proved landfill made huge profits from this once wonderful leisure facility? Where are the landfill royalties? In the deep pockets of profiteering privatised company directors!

WLBC should now hold a public inquiry into how so much control over this facility was given to Serco and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, where the landfill fees are, and will Serco be allowed to continue the extended contract it was awarded. Three extra years? It is outrageous!


  1. The fact that it has taken so long for this action to be taken shows how weak and ineffective West Lancs’ elected representatives really are.
    West Lancs residents deserve MUCH better.

    • That’s right, scrutiny of the major transition of the golf course facilities into a private landfill company cash cow has been abysmal. There should be a public inquiry into it.

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