Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 23, 2018

Extended Deadline To Order Bins, Great News For “Some” Residents?

It seems that following an overwhelming response, West Lancashire Borough Council has announced that the deadline to order bins has been extended until 16 July to give residents more time to request the wheeled bins they need to recycle their waste. Those residents that have already received their new bins can start using them from 4th June. This is “great news for residents” but not all residents will agree.

Residents who previously signed up to the garden waste service will receive the same number of brown bins, which will now be used for garden waste, free of charge if they sign up again for the same number, before the extended deadline. One green bin can then be used for paper and cardboard recycling.

For residents who don’t have gardens and never received a free green bin, which is now needed for paper and cardboard recycling, one will be available free of charge if requested before the extended deadline of 16th July; after which the normal charges for replacement bins will apply.

Whilst is it acknowledged that a number of years ago, residents were given an option to retain their blue box, the service provision is now changing so that the Council can work towards meeting its recycling target of 50% by 2020. Blue boxes  will only be retained and collected from premises that are unable to have a blue bin on site due to their design or if there are vehicle access issues to the location.

All other properties will receive a standard wheeled bin  collection service for each waste stream and therefore any residents who need a blue bin will need to order one at the normal charges.

The new bin system has been introduced to make it easier for residents and provide greater capacity for them to recycle as much as possible to help the Council reach its recycling target. It will also help contain the material better, keeping streets cleaner and helping to make collection rounds safer and more efficient.

Councillor Kevin Wilkie, portfolio holder for Street Scene said “This is great news for residents. If you have already placed an order for a bin you do not need to get in touch again as this will be processed as soon as possible and residents can continue to use their existing containers until the new bins are delivered”.

Deliveries of the new bins will continue into the summer and then the old spare green bins will be collected. Residents who had more than one green bin for garden waste do not need to contact the Council regarding the collection of their old bins but are asked where possible to leave them in an accessible place and they will be collected after the brown bins have been rolled out.

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