Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 18, 2018

“This Is All A Load Of Rubbish!”

In what is turning out to be one of the council’s worst public relations exercises ever, Roger Blaxall of QLocal  was on the ball, or perhaps we should say “on the bin” at WLBC as he writes “This was the scene at the busy Borough Council office earlier this week as pensioners queued  to try to make sense of the authority’s controversial new bin scheme. Cue the obvious quip by one “This is all a load of rubbish!”

And so it is. Some among us, old and living alone with no need of huge wheelie bins stacked like statues, would like to keep the old blue box. But WLBC wants them all not only to stop the box but pay 25 quid for the privilege. In other words it’s all about money. There is seemingly no respect for differing circumstances by this local council.

Roger Blaxall continued “And cue the WLBC PR spin ‘West Lancashire Borough Council has welcomed the overwhelming response from residents to order their wheeled bin requirements before 4 June. In a bid to reach its recycling target of 50% by 2020, the Council has made a number of changes to the bins residents need for their recycling.

“Brown bins are being introduced only to those residents that sign up to the garden waste service, green bins will be used for paper and cardboard recycling and blue bins will be used for plastic bottles, glass and cans recycling. While Council staff are working hard to deal with telephone enquiries the quickest and easiest way for residents to find out more about the changes to the recycling services, order a new wheeled bin and sign up to the Council’s garden waste collection service is to go to the website and follow the relevant links. You can also access a host of other Council services through the website”.

Councillor Ian Moran, Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council, said “It has been an extremely busy time with the Council’s Customers Services team receiving an unprecedented number of calls regarding changes to the refuse and recycling service. We acknowledge it has been frustrating for some residents trying to get through to the Council and I would like to apologise for this. We are now making good progress processing all the requests for new bins.

“The Council would like to reassure residents that when they place their order online for a replacement or new wheeled bin or subscribe to the garden waste service that their request is being processed and there is no need to contact the authority to confirm this. Delivery of wheeled bins is taking place daily, including Saturdays in the lead up to the 4 June launch”.

WLBC leaflet states “Blue boxes will only be collected from those properties that have to remain on a box collection due to their design or vehicle access issues. For all other properties we will collect your recyclable waste from the blue bin and will no longer collect from the blue box. You can either use the box for storage or dispose of it at the household recycling centre”.

As Roger says “Perhaps the Council forgot that many older folk have an innate distrust of the internet, or simply can’t access it – or even know how to use it…”

But thankfully they can still descend en masse at the council office their council tax pays for and make it known they are being shafted! There could be this many  next week!

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