Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 16, 2018

Windbaggery In Aughton?

In question time at the Aughton Parish Meeting on Monday the re-elected Chairman , already referred to by fellow Parish Cllr Ian Grant as “perhaps Cllr Jones needs another year of practice?”, was asked why nobody from the APC attended the recent public meeting held in Aughton by WLBC Planning Cabinet member John Hodson to “Discuss the recent planning appeals of the Parrs Lane/Prescot Road applications”.

The gist of the reply was that he, Parish Cllr Jones, had a family commitment and anyway he was not responsible for what other APC members chose to do. He referred to the timing of the meeting relative to the up-coming local elections, perhaps it was politically motivated, for votes?

Further remarks led to an accusation by a member of the public that the Chairman had now allowed THIS meeting to become politicised, denied by the Chairman, instantly challenged with a remark that “I’m calling you out on this, it is political”. Denied again!

Eventually calm returned and it will be of no surprise that despite the Chairman stating which members of the public having raised hands he was calling in order, it became obvious that O’Toole would be indulged as and when he thought it necessary to intercede. Why would the residents who were kept late wish to know how O’Toole, when spotted in Aughton Co-op, told how he enjoyed Co-op member discount rewards?

And so, as my allotted spot, last of all, approached the witching hour of 10pm when the meeting MUST end, Cllr O’Toole was windbagging, and my attempt to speak was met with the response “Don’t interrupt me, I didn’t interrupt you when you spoke earlier”!

Sandbagged, windbagged, O’Tooled, all in one evening, courtesy of the chairman who needs more practice in the art of chairmanship? Probably.


  1. Sounds like another panto. But with that parish council, it’s nothing new.

    • It did indeed resemble another panto. One priceless part of it was the co-option of the new Parish Councillor who accepted office but no ward mentioned. OK, said the Chairman, and on being asked from the floor which ward he would represent the Chairman said “which would you like” and Delph was ultimately decided. It was pure comedy.

      • More arrogance from Panto Jones?

      • Yes, panto without humour.

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