Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 15, 2018

Planning Protest Against Development At Gaw Hill Lane Aughton

Local opponents of the proposed development of the erection of seven dwellings following the demolition of the existing buildings at 67 Gaw Hill Lane, Aughton,  attended the APC in force last night and were vociferous in their opposition to it. The proposed development has already been declared “invalid” by the APC but a new amended application is now before WLBC.

The planning history for the site goes back to the 1960’s. Of particular significance is consent in 1987 that allowed for “extension to grain store and retention of use of grain store for preparation of animal feed”. A planning condition restricted this use to B2 General Industry. The site operates as a grain store. Grain is stored and dried on the site.

A number of local residents object on similar grounds summarised as “I am formally lodging my objection to the proposed development of 67 Gaw Hill Lane. I am objecting on the following grounds: * Loss of employment in turning the grain factory/commercial premises into a luxury development of houses, which is also a change from commercial to residential. * The fact they are isolated dwellings (that are clearly not needed with 140 houses already for sale in Aughton). * The design is not in keeping with a rural area as they are houses being built for a suburban area that is not what Gaw Hill Lane is, especially as the nature reserve is opposite”.

And also “I would also like to draw your attention to a petition which was signed by a vast variety of local residents (approx. 70 in total) based on the fact that it is a much loved Rural area and not pro for additional residential accommodation. The area is a natural beauty spot (people come from miles around)–a ramblers paradise — and a developing local nature reserve which is expanding as years go by and much much more—there are Bats in the area and although according to the report they only forage, but the fact is they are there and do most probably rely on the area as part of their livelihood. Enabling the developers to apply again they have made a couple of miniscule alterations to their original plans which include **# Clearing the footpath on Gaw Hill Lane for approx.50 yds. as you approx. the proposed development, (this involved clearing the soil back off the pathway which obviously had developed over the years part blown by the wind and also along with agricultural vehicles exiting the field **# Reduced the number of trees to be removed which do not have a conservation order on them, **# reducing the size of the properties I understand by 1mtr. This in my mind should NOT justifiably influence YOUR original decision regarding allowing the development to go ahead. I sure that I could carry on but I`ll leave it at that for the time being leaving with a thought of “Keeping Aughton Free of Unwanted, Unnecessary, Residential Developments”.

Another ripe site for rich developers, opposed by the APC and thankfully now to be called in by Cllr O’Toole. Power to the people!

NB From: O’Toole, David (Cllr) < David.O’> Sent: 15 May 2018 10:41 To: Plan Apps Cc: Thomas, Catherine; cllr David Westley; Cllr. Samuel Currie Subject: RE: Weekly Planning List – 24th April 2018. Please note that regardless of following the instructions I am unable to type on the form CALL IN Application 2018/0401/out reason large number of concerns from neighbours over this application. At least 15 residents attended Aughton Parish council to voice their concerns Will require a site visit. please confirm receipt of this request. David O’Toole

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