Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 14, 2018

Wally Westley Is Unwell

Residents of Aughton who attended the Annual Aughton Parish Council meeting and the Aughton Parish Assembly tonight were disappointed, or not, depending on how much they were looking forward to hearing from Wally Westley  how and why he had led his party to another disastrous WLBC election defeat. The Westleyphants were not in the room, and Chairman Graham Jones explained Wally was unwell. Perhaps Cllr Mrs Wally was nurse-in-charge of the patient, to whom we send best wishes and “carry on the good work you’re doing a fine job”! as Labour might agree?

Perhaps it was the WLBC election result that caused Aughton Cllrs Currie and Stephenson some discomfort that prevented them from attending too? After all, over 30 members of the public were present and surprised not to receive the personal reports from these councillors on their work in the wards. But fear not, County and Borough Cllr O’Toole filled the gaps. We noted 7 parish councillors and the Clerk in attendance, and one new co-opted member Ian Mercer was introduced for Delph Ward.

As Parish Cllr Jones was nominated for re-election as Chairman, former Chairman and current Parish Cllr Ian Grant suggested, perhaps tongue in cheek but you never know, that “perhaps Cllr Jones needs another year of practice?”. Margaret Boulton was re-elected Vice-Chairperson.

While the business was being conducted, the Cllr O’Toole County report being given, notice was drawn to some activity outside the room that suggested drug dealing might be active from a car to a large group of young people, in the village car park. The main speaker for the evening, Police Chief Inspector Jill Halliwell, left the meeting to deal with it. Cllr O’Toole’s politically influenced report was largely ignored as interest in the outside activity was far more interesting. Unfortunately Cllr O’Toole then gave the borough report for unwell Wally. How much O’Toolery should be inflicted on us?

It was a long night, more will follow as WLR recovers from an overdose of bullshit  !

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