Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 11, 2018

Subsidising United Utilities?

New public grants will allow Lancashire County Council to carry out a flood risk study in Burscough. £95,551 of Flood and Coastal Erosion Management grants was awarded by the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs for schemes in Lancashire.

Burscough will benefit from £21,062 that will be spent on a surface water management plan affecting locations in and around the village. There will be a particular focus on the impact on United Utilities  local assets. The Parish Council has offered to assist with community engagement.

UU claimed that “Our 2015-2020 business plan is the result of thousands of conversations with our customers, detailed consultations with our water regulator, Ofwat and scrutiny by an independent panel of North West residents”. Can you imagine what long suffering residents of Burscough would have said? 

Taxpayers might wonder why yet more of their hard earned cash is supporting what United Utilities should be doing out of its own assets and by reducing shareholders dividends until it provides modern standards. UU states on its website “We believe customers deserve great service whenever they need to get in touch with us, whatever the issue happens to be. With investment and training, we are working to get it right the first time. Rant n’ Rave lets customers provide instant feedback about our service – positive or negative – so that we can respond quickly. And our on-going mentoring programme aims to ensure that every colleague who comes in contact with a customer has the tools and confidence to deliver the best service. Customer satisfaction is one of our primary business drivers and it is constantly measured and analysed, with latest performance figures shared across the company every month”. But just in case you DO want to “Rant n’ Rave” you can’t, it’s disappeared off their website!

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