Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 7, 2018

Champagne For Adrian Owens, Bitter Departure For Cllr Paul Moon?

While Labour and Our West Lancashire earned electoral champagne last week, Conservatives took the bitter. More bitter than most, recently, has been Wyre and WLBC elected member Paul Moon who now claims his Hesketh Bank seat was “…only a very temporary arrangement” as he’s “Preesall through and through” .

On 29 January 2018 WLR wrote of WLBC Cllr Moon in his other, Wyre, seat “RESOLVED that Councillor Paul Moon be appointed Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee for the remainder of the municipal year 2017/18”. This places Moon within a whisker of the Chair, with a juicy Special Responsibility Allowance of £6,204. Will we WLBC council tax payers see even less of Two-hatter Moon than we do at present? So what, you might think? Quite!

WLR doesn’t have a crystal ball. It’s just that chancers taking taxpayers’ money make it easy to spot them. In a council meeting Moon had to ask what “misogynist” meant! And now, from Moon being placed within that whisker of the Wyre Planning Chair, all it will take is a vote.

On a Preesall and Knott End Residents Community Facebook page that links to a “political discussion” a conversation took place involving Moon’s reasons for being a member in a WLBC ward while also being a member in Wyre .

CGC…“I will ask this as a general question to be fair to Cllr Moon, is it not wrong to sit on 2 major councils at the same time…as well, to Cllr Moon, it seems you are on two councils and your address on both councils is different could you clarify that for us all please. I honestly believed that you had to reside within the boundaries to stand. Please correct me if I have got this wrong. No need to answer the 2nd part Cllr Moon I have now been informed it’s OK to stand if you own a property in the area. Now I know. But the first point of my question still stands”.

Moon … “There are councillors who sit on three. Ron Shewan from Fleetwood sat on Wyre, LCC and Fleetwood at the same time. His daughter also sits on Wyre and LCC. Nothing illegal, just part of the rules”.

CGC…“I have to disagree, a much better job can be done if the available time is concentrated on one council at a time, that’s an obvious conclusion”.

AB…”Frankly I don’t give a monkeys about West Lancashire. And taking the party politics out of it having known you for well over twenty years I know that as a local you care a great deal about preserving the way of life around here”.

Moon…“Your words are very kind and I really appreciate them. Fear not though I’m Preesall through and through always have and always will be and you won’t be losing me to anyone let alone WL. All it has been is a helping hand to that area but it is due to come to an end very soon. Over Wyre is a superb place with a fantastic community which me and my colleagues will always support”.

CGC…“Are you saying you won’t be standing for West Lancashire again? Is this breaking news?

Moon …”It’s long standing news Clement, it was only a very temporary arrangement. There is an internet troll there. I know his name he is a disgusting blogger. The only thing worse than an internet troll is someone who feeds the troll and promulgates their vile agenda”.

Moon…”Hi Clement. What I told you is correct. Owens says he doesn’t know about that but that’s because he’s a very insignificant person. He used to be a conservative councillor but when he didn’t get the leaders position he spat his dummy out threw he toys of the pram [sic] and went on a solo mission to be as disruptive to anyone he can. He’s the most obnoxious person I have ever meet [sic] in my life. Everyone thinks the same. [For the record Cllr Owens WAS elected “Leader of the Conservative council group” in a secret ballot after the local elections and formed a strong prospective cabinet and team in preparation for the year ahead. Later, two members of the group were unwilling to accept the democratic decision of their colleagues in the group and did not support the Conservative whip during the vote to elect Cllr Owens as the “Leader of the Council”]

Adrian Owens “Which is why my friend and colleague won a council seat from West Lancashire Conservatives last week clearly. When are you resigning your seat in Hesketh Bank?”

Moon…”Go away you horrible man”.

Adrian Owens…“So you’re not resigning your seat in West Lancashire as you seemed to imply on Knott End and Preesall Political Discussion. Be straight with people”.

Moon…”stop harrassing [sic] me”. 

So while Moon doesn’t like being verbally harassed, WLR asks again about Mrs Horner, who probably didn’t like how SHE was physically harassed. But then who would? And the unanswered questions? What WAS the “helping hand” and who was desperate enough to want it, and how soon is “very soon” just so we all know when he’s leaving WL! 

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