Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 6, 2018

Aughton Parish Assembly

Aughton Parish Council (APC) has resorted to advertising its annual assembly in the Champion . Must have public money to burn? A request for WLBC grants for SPIDs including some for APC, made in February, is still not answered. So we don’t know if the SPID now on Winifred Lane  is ours or borrowed.

The assembly will include annual reports from local parish, borough and county councillors. That should be a bundle of laughs. Cllr Currie might tell us how he canvassed in Pendle on Election Day  for the party that gained control by one seat after reinstating a candidate who had been suspended over a racist Facebook joke. Cllr Westley might tell us what progress his party has made under his leadership. Cnty Cllr O’Toole might tell us about the LCC decision not to include the Ormskirk Bypass which Cllr Westley claimed was included for the duration of electioneering. He might also resurrect his recent complaint against police seeking more money while having huge cash reserves, but that might be a little close to home?

Be there, it might be the last one as APC struggles to recruit more parish councillors! And if THAT happens Aughton and all its assets will fall under the control of Labour run WLBC. Imagine that!

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