Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 5, 2018

Dog Poo Moon Plans Wyre £6,204+ Pay Rise

Wyre/WLBC Tory Cllr Moon, infamous for his Dog Poo event    has been nominated by the Wyre Council to be Chairman of its Planning Committee. “NOMINATIONS TO COMMITTEES 2018/19 PLANNING COMMITTEE (14 Councillors: 10 Conservative, 4 Labour) Conservative: Councillors I Amos, R Amos, Lady Atkins, Ballard (Vice Chairman)*, Ellison, Greenhough, Holden, Ingham, Moon (Chairman)* and Orme. Labour: Councillors Lees, Raynor, Shewan and E Stephenson. At Annual Council 10 May 2018

Wyre Council Annual basic amount per Member (as at 11 May 2017) £4,137, Chairman of Planning Committee 1.5 x Basic Allowance £6,204. All allowances to rise by 1% this year.

The announcement brought some ribald comments on a Wyre residents group website, unrepeatable here, other than…“Cllr Paul ‘Two-Seats” Moon is going to be made the new Chair of the Planning Committee. This means “Two-Seats” will be paid an extra allowance of at least another £6,344.00 (!)…We wish we were making this up…If this wasn’t so shocking it would be laughable…how the hell do they get away with this stuff. I would of thought and indeed hope, that who ever stood against Councillor Moon in any future elections would make sure the electorate was aware of exactly what is going on…let’s  hope there is a return of common decency amongst the candidates who stand up for election next time…I really think great efforts should be made to inform the residents of Wyre about what their councillors are up to. It may explain to the voting public why Wyre is possibly not flourishing as perhaps it would if we had dedicated councillors working for us…So he’s effectively becoming Councillor 3 jobs on 2 councils, thats just so wrong whichever way you look at it!…Landlord/property entrepreneurs heading the Planning Committee whatever next”.

So Moon’s total remuneration will include WLBC basic £4,842; Wyre basic (plus 1%) £4,178; Wyre Chair of Planning (plus 1%) £6,266. Total £15,286. Snouts, troughs, we wonder how Wyre pensioner Mrs Horner, struck on the chest by the poo bag prop thrown by Moon, feels today. 


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