Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 3, 2018

Remoaning Wimps?

Did you ever hear the like of a Political Cabinet member being tearful because he wanted to save a customs plan with the EU?

It’s reported that yesterday the Prime Minister’s favoured blueprint for a “partnership” arrangement with Brussels was heavily criticised by senior ministers at a tense three-hour meeting said to have left one Remoaner “close to tears”. Business Secretary Greg Clark  was “close to tears” as he tried to save customs plan. Was he in Wuthering Heights? “I’ll cry, I’ll make myself sick”. Oh, for goodness sake man, grow a pair!

Meanwhile an unelected Brussels EU stooge claims it is all “Narnia” but the words best describing membership of the EU are “fantasy” and “mythical”.

A few weeks ago Kate Hoey (Lab Vauxhall)  “showed her style as a proud daughter of Northern Ireland. The “Ulsterwoman” in her escaped when, with mounting exasperation, she bawled at a bum-fluffed Brexit minister to ‘just say no!’. Miss Hoey, a keen Leaver who suffers intense aggro from Blairites when she speaks up for Brexit, was addressing Minister Robin Walker. She wanted the Government to be a lot braver in its negotiations with the European Union. Stop being so wimpy! In particular, we should tell Brussels to get stuffed if Eurocrats tried to impose new laws on us during the proposed two-year implementation period. ‘Say no!’ cried Miss Hoey.

“We need to get on and say what we want and intend to do” averred Miss Hoey. “We’re giving the EU too much respect and they’re giving us too little. Why are always giving in? Will you just stand firm? It seems whenever there’s a disagreement, the British Government always gives in”.

Wonderful stuff, best use of the “Ulster” language heard in a long time.

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