Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 2, 2018

Can Local Elections Change Brexit?

Can local elections change Brexit, because Labour tells EU citizens in the UK it can! Does West Lancashire have a Lord? We have an MP, but we seem not to be democratically represented in the House of Peers, or “sneers”, as it is has now become.

You might remember that 17,410,742 people voted for the UK to leave the EU, but judging by the antics in the House of Lords they were beaten by 16,141,241 votes. That’s democracy House of Sneers version.

But they are not alone. Labour have been accused of “desperation” after suggesting in letters to EU residents in the London Borough of Harrow that voting for them in the local elections this week could change the course of Brexit. Can your local election vote here in West Lancashire now change the Brexit majority of 10.4% here?

Based on an election communication  passed to BrexitCentral, the party appears to be micro-targeting EU nationals with a letter supposedly from a Romanian living in Harrow called Monica who claims that the Conservatives are “exploiting EU nationals” and “playing politics with our lives”.

The letter, received by a Romanian-born resident in the northwest London borough, seemingly seeks to fuel an atmosphere of fear about EU citizens’ rights post-Brexit “This will be the last time I can vote before Brexit… The Labour Party has been fighting for EU nationals [sic] rights in Parliament. The Conservative Party has not, they will give us fewer rights. The Labour Party has been fighting against Conservative plans for a hard Brexit, and I hope you will join me in using your vote for Labour to tell the Conservative Party to change course.”

Councillors elected to local councils can expect to influence policy on issues like social care, parking permits and bin collections but have no influence on Britain’s departure from the EU. But the letter claims EU citizens’ rights are at stake despite the UK Government and European Commission having agreed a deal on EU citizens’ rights in March.

Conservative Group leader in Harrow, Paul Osborn, told BrexitCentral “Labour are increasingly desperate, playing both sides of Brexit while failing to address their terrible failures to run the basic services we all rely on. Local elections should be about local issues.”

The Labour party refused a request for comment. Not surprising really, not one word of that local politics letter can influence national Brexit policy. And locally this  and this form part of a Labour political poster that makes clear what Brexiteers want.

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