Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 27, 2018

Was Full Council Boring?

Full Council seems not to have been a bundle of laughs on Wednesday, if the accounts given by Squawkbox Sam Currie  on Twitter are to be believed. He relates how “I’ve just been described as the “Tory enigma” by one Labour Cllr at full council. Apparently I’m “very likeable outside politics but detestable in it.” Can’t decide whether I prefer my new nickname or the tried and tested “Soundbite Sam”…Well, an enigma is a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand. No mystery about Sam, other than what is he for? And just who IS this one Labour Cllr who made that statement?

He also relates that “Anti-semitism came up in tonight’s West Lancs full council. I suggested it was time that the moderate Labour members stood up against it. 2 of their members stood up after me and denied there was a problem. Nobody else said a word. Are they being silenced?” In response “Old Aunt Maud” said “The Tories will lose heavily in May and the cult will see it as a ringing endorsement of Corbyn, Nothing to see here”. I hope I haven’t offended anyone who has an “Old Aunt Maud”?


  1. Typical rubbish from Soundbyte Sam. Fool. That anyone who props up an institutionally racist government as this Tory one can come out with that, shows how dangerously arrogant and repugnant the Tories are. Think “Windrush”. And wasn’t it just a Tory prospective councillor that was suspended for tweeting an antisemitic comment?

    • It is apparent that some councillors are not restrained by being “local” but prefer the bigger national stage. Hopefully they won’t last long?

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