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Questions About Westleyancashire

It’s been said often enough since his outrageously untrue “Lies told door to door” accusation, made about the Aughton electorate, that local Tory leader Westley is a disaster for his party and its chances of recovering sufficient credibility to regain control of the borough. Not that his underlings seem to care too much.

Now, in a matter of electoral truth and honour, we have seen mendacious claims, made public because of a terrier-like search for the real Tory position on the Ormskirk By-pass by Ormskirk resident Barrie French. What he has unearthed reveals the dirty business of obtaining votes at all cost in May. It might reasonably be called the “Great Tory Vote Grab”.

From Barrie French “Hi Cllr Westley, Just read your Derby ward leaflet, where you say that LCC are seeking funds for a Ormskirk bypass, after reading the the email from Cllr Iddon which I sent you yesterday which says the Ormskirk bypass is not on their agenda, I feel you should send out new leaflets explaining to the residents of Derby ward your mistake and apologies, if you do not do this I think you should ask your candidate to stand down as she is misleading the people of Derby ward in what is in the leaflet. Barrie French Derby ward resident.

From Barrie French “Hi Cllr Westley. Can you tell me why you have not spoken to your LCC highways leader on his email to me today  and your email to me today? Confused Barrie French.

From Westley “In my email of the 23 April I said LCC need to overcome the official decision taken by the previous Labour Administration to scrap the plan for an Ormskirk By-pass. I was referring to the 2014 West Lancashire Highway Masterplan as this remains the official LCC Policy on the question of an Ormskirk By-pass. As you will recall such policy documents take a considerable time to research, prepare and consult upon before they are finally approved and adopted. The reply from County Councillor Keith Iddon simply confirms the current official policy as set out in the present Highway Masterplan.
“The Derby Ward leaflet is certainly not misleading and is not worded as you say in your email rather it is a pledge by Lynne Gray that if elected she will “Work with County’s Conservative Administration to deliver a much needed Ormskirk By-pass”. This commitment is one agreed by the West Lancashire Borough Council Conservative Group and our two local Conservative County Councillors. Yours sincerely Councillor David Westley”.

From Barrie French “If Cllr Iddon does reply to you and says the bypass is back on for funding, he will have to give a firm time scale as if not it just all smoke and mirrors, and the people of Ormskirk have had this going on since 2007, 11 years and we are no further on, just a loss of the protected status, and £500,000 just on the loss of the house and land, not including all the fees of engineers, lawyers, surveys, all rate payers money. You informed me that LCC had not sold all the protected land, but I have an email says they have.

“Thank you for your call just now, but nothing has changed, Cllr Iddon has not put anything in writing, so what he had told me in his email on Monday stands, and what you have put in your leaflet is misleading, and you should put out a other leaflet with the comments on the bypass removed, or your candidate should stand down as you cannot give a time scale on when a bypass will be back on the agenda, it could be 10,15,20 years that, as in my world, how long is a piece of string”.

From Barrie French “Hi Cllr Westley. Where does it say pledge. As just a resident, I asked LCC highways leader Cllr Iddon to clarify LCC position on the bypass, and nowhere does it say it is back on our future plans, so anybody who reads your leaflet and not have a copy of Cllr Iddon email to me would think that the bypass is back on. You should have done due diligence, before you had your leaflets printed, but you have seen fit to just put in what would get votes, and mislead the residents of Derby ward. You rang me today, and informed me that you hoped to get a response from Cllr Iddon to say that the Ormskirk bypass was back on their agenda in the long term future”.

From Westley…”Apologies for the delay in replying to your emails but I have been particularly busy organising the Borough Election that is on the 3rd May. As you know LCC are the highway authority and there is a need to overcome the official decision to scrap the plans for an Ormskirk Bypass that was taken by the previous Labour Administration. The new Conservative Administration are working towards re-instating the plan and I am actively working with my County colleagues to ensure this comes about along with realistic proposals to secure the necessary funding. I am unable to comment further at this stage. I thank you for taking the time to write to me on this matter”.

We might also quote the amazing insight of this particular matter by Cllr Stephenson seeking re-election in Aughton Park “Investing in our roads. The Conservatives are actively seeking to re-instate the plan for an Orskirk/Burscough Bypass that was scrapped by Labour”. This comes with her “I will hold the current Labour Administration of West Lancashire Borough Council to account” claim, needless to say published and promoted by David Westley…!

And so to the crux of it all. From OWL Adrian Owens, who asks “Who is telling the truth? Is it the Lancashire County Council Highways Portfolio holder or is it the Leader of the Conservative Borough Council Group?

“The current Conservative election leaflet in Ormskirk under the by-line of Cllr David Westley says  “The Conservatives are back in control of Lancashire. They have…re-instated the plan for the Ormskirk by-pass.

“Imagine my surprise (or perhaps not given my experience of the local Conservative Borough Group Leader) to learn yesterday from County Councillor Keith Iddon, the Highways Portfolio Holder that “I can confirm that the Ormskirk Bypass is not part of the county council’s plans for managing the transport network in West Lancashire”.

And just to muddy the waters a little more, who else but Cnty Cllr O’Toole, also seeking re-election, allows this “The Conservatives are back…they have…re-instated the plan for an Ormskirk By-pass” to appear on HIS local leaflet    . So bear that in mind. Aughton O’Toole “they have reinstated the plan” and Aughton Stephenson “actively seeking to re-instate the plan”. Unbelievable! The common factor, Aughton Westley!


  1. Lies, Damn lies and Tory Party leaflets.

    • The local Conservative party has used aggressive accusations against Aughton’s residents since the Parrs Lane debacle began. It seems unwilling to change. An apology for, and withdrawal of, false accusations made in public seems a better option for them than to have the same issue resurrected year in year out, as it will be.

  2. VERY misleading! But then again, what can you expect from muppets that support a political party that give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while food bank usage reaches 1 million (remember this country is one of the richest in the world), seen homelessness soar, tell a nurse there’s no money tree then buy the DUP bigots for £1Bn so they can stay in power. Vile.

    • We do live in a supposedly rich country that has debts of astronomical proportions, so we live beyond our means. But the means to end homelessness, provide top class health care for all, and care for our elderly population are within our reach by adequate taxation. We simply don’t do it right.

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