Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 23, 2018

United Utilities Challenged Over Flooding

The local Labour Party claims “Burscough residents will have been pleased to see the recent news that the Environment Agency (EA) are to invest £100,000 for a surface water plan in the town, although full details are yet to be announced. The efforts of the EA are in direct contrast to those of regional water company, United Utilities, which has been challenged to do more to improve the borough’s drainage systems following a public grilling at the Flood Forum organised by Rosie Cooper MP and after being asked by Labour councillors to appear before the council’s Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny.

“While Lancashire County Council, as the Local Lead Flood Authority, has also come under scrutiny for its role in tackling flooding, it is the reluctance of United Utilities to invest in improving the drainage infrastructure that is the main headache for local flood campaigners. United Utilities is the only organisation involved with a significant budget with which to address flood problems but is unwilling to increase the scale of drainage as this would also require the costly addition of more water treatment works .

“West Lancashire Labour will continue to keep up the pressure on UU and the County Council to improve matters. If you are concerned about flooding in your area, please contact your local Labour representative who will do their best to help”.

At Full Council on Wednesday there is an item “Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) Advisory Boards – Motion Included on the Agenda by Burscough West Councillor Andrew Pritchard  on Behalf of the Labour Group; This Council believes that in the interests of protecting homes, businesses, farms and infrastructure from the increasing risks of flooding, that Government must now move forward on Schedule 3 of the Flood Water Management Act 2010. This would see the establishment of SUDs Advisory Boards created and set up in England. Accordingly, this Council instructs the Chief Executive to write to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to seek prompt action in respect of SUDs Advisory Boards and to clarify the Government’s current position and intended timeline for implementation of Schedule 3 of the Flood Water Management Act 2010″.

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