Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 22, 2018

Scruffy Village

It’s well known how useless 5 local ward councillors can be. Aughton proves it. But why do they ignore what they see? As you know only one lives in the parish. And he has numerous responsibilities earning him multiple allowances. So what is the excuse for this disgusting neglect  on the Town Green foot-bridge where last year’s autumn leaves are still rotting as we recall what Cllr O’Toole has among his re-election priorities “Preserving essential frontline services such as litter picking, road sweeping and grass cutting” and what Cllr Stephenson seeking re-election told us “Already there has been an improvement with the road and pavement sweeping”. Really? Pavement sweeping? Are they looking at it  and ignoring it ? Do they walk down to the station and see this  overgrown mess behind the Police Station that could be solved by one of them calling Merseyrail to sort it out? Probably! This is our scruffy village. 

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