Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 22, 2018

Recall Of Politicians

The “Recall of MPs Act 2015” provides for a recall petition to be triggered if a Member is sentenced to a prison term or is suspended from the House for at least 21 sitting days. If either occurred, the Speaker would give notice to a petition officer, who in turn would give notice to parliamentary electors in the constituency. Unfortunately the Act seems not to apply to local councillors.

Nor, sadly, does it apply to anti-democrats, as a letter to the Telegraph tells us “It is ironic that the anti-democratic elitists calling for a second EU referendum have chosen to name their campaign People’s Vote. Believing that those who voted to leave the EU were obviously too thick to understand the wall-to-wall scaremongering of Project Fear, they have now decided to insult the electorate’s intelligence further by claiming that their coalition of the deluded is for “the people”. Fortunately, the people aren’t as stupid as they think we are, and we can see their purpose. It’s time they got the message: you lost the vote, get over it. It’s called democracy”.

Perhaps a new party being formed might be of interest?   A fresh approach. Much of politics has lost touch with the core values that underpin our country, whether it be democracy, self-determination, justice, the rule of law, our heritage, or even the freedom of speech and civilised debate. These values make up the foundation of a healthy and prosperous society, and if our mainstream politicians won’t stand up and fight for them, we will.

“We will empower local people. The Foundation Party will always prioritise helping local people and local communities. There is a serious disconnect between the political elite and what people want. We will change this by bringing democracy back to our communities.

“Local councils are dominated by the larger political parties and they select loyal party members as their candidates. This means that when issues have to be decided many councillors pay more attention to their party whip than to their electors. Our councillors will be free to speak up for their electors, something which only councillors not subject to a party whip can do.

“Our elected councillors, members, and volunteers will work more closely with communities and campaign to bring about greater autonomy for local authorities so that your voices will be heard”.

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