Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 20, 2018

Wasn’t It A Crime That Aughton Police Station Was Closed For So Long?

Perhaps you despair at the disappearance of police from our roads? Never mind being told they are there, that “policing is different”. It might be, but front desks at police stations with those blue signs are symbolic of law and order. Now, if there is a police station in your area you are privileged, as we are in Aughton.

But as is now well known, in January, following some “internal damage” to the ceiling of Aughton Police Point at Town Green railway station, the police point was closed. Residents contacted West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper who was concerned at this closure after such a lengthy battle to get the police point reopened a few years ago and she sought immediate action to get the work done and restore the police point for the residents of Aughton .

It has since transpired through MP Rosie’s investigations that damage occurred in January, and on Lancashire Constabulary becoming aware of it, closed the police point. However, it seems that blurred communication lines [aka cock-up] meant that this was not ultimately reported to Merseyrail until March after Rosie had reported it to both agencies!

Merseyrail then carried out prompt remedial works and have now supplied Lancashire Constabulary with a direct reporting line for any future issues. Rosie Cooper said “What a mess! Part of the ceiling falls through at Aughton Police Point and it takes two months to report this to Merseyrail. Meanwhile, Aughton residents are left without their local police point.

“I’m pleased that there is now a direct communications link between the Police and Merseyrail so this shouldn’t happen again, and more importantly the work has been completed and that the police point is now open again.

“Residents will be delighted to hear that Merseyrail have also indicated that they are formalising a lease agreement with Lancashire Constabulary to secure the future of the police point for the foreseeable future, should the police wish to continue with a presence at Town Green”. And THAT might become another story!

Rosie Cooper and Aughton Parish Council previously brokered a deal in 2012 securing the Police Point at Town Green station which was extended in 2015

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