Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 16, 2018

Aughton Park Candidate Stephenson 5 Point Plan

It seems that Aughton Park candidate Doreen Stephenson has five points in her plan for the ward , the first of which will anger residents of Skelmersdale. “1 Ensure money raised by the Council on new housing development in Aughton is spent in Aughton and not in Skelmersdale”.

You might be wondering why she picked out Skelmersdale alone? Why not Derby, Scott, Tarleton, to name a few? Ill chosen words by an ill chosen candidate?

“2. Campaign for more police to combat crime and anti-social behaviour”. Her silence on the now long term closure of Aughton Police Station that serves all of Aughton is deafening.

“3. Work with LCC to get speed and parking restrictions on Long Lane”. The cash rich Aughton Parish Council is begging for matched funding from WLBC for SPIDS, isn’t that scandalous?

“4. Campaign for disabled access at Aughton Park Station”. Too little too late, the ward Cnty Cllr Greenall started this campaign.

“5. Introduce tighter restrictions on converting houses to student accommodation”. No statistics provided, how will this be monitored?

But her claim that “Local people are backing Doreen Stephenson” names two, Cllr David Westley…local to Halsall, and Cllr Currie…local to Haskayne. You couldn’t make it up.

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