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Ian Davis is the Independent Voice for OWLs “Standing Up For Derby Ward”, and he wants to be re-elected . He was elected at the end of June last year and has achieved much for the ward. His established action list of ward problems seems unique. Of 47 items he’s completed 16 so far. Some are ongoing, road repairs and flooding are endless. By comparison with councillors in some wards Ian Davis is unusually active. He’s asking for another 4 years to work in the ward, and he mentions the problems areas of the ward might face if discussions held by Labour/Conservatives behind closed doors lead to a proposal to build in some areas .  

6 thoughts on “The Latest Independent Voice

  1. Adam Yates

    The ‘action list’ isn’t unique. We have one in Knowsley ward with 39 issues currently on it (most of which have been addressed). All councillors had the opportunity to conduct a ward walk around with senior officers last year, which is where these particular lists are derived from, so Cllr Davis isn’t ‘unusually active’ either.

    Also, the Local Plan process isn’t being conducted behind closed doors. The whole thing goes out to public consultation and the public have already been involved through the many area meetings that took place last year across the borough. That’s a deliberate attempt to mislead the public and scaremonger about the Local Plan (which we’re required to review under the statutory guidelines).

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      It’s good to hear from you again Adam. One of the traits that doesn’t endear politicians to the public is that they invariably attack others rather than concentrate on their own prowess. We see it continually, for example from Cllr Currie who does nothing for us as a councillor in Aughton & Downholland while attacking the MP. That’s his choice, don’t let it be yours. Cllr Davis was the choice of the electorate, he’s entitled to represent them. I doubt he, and you, would deliberately attempt to mislead the public, unless you were whipped? Didn’t you ever think your own list might be of interest to YOUR electorate?

  2. Adam Yates

    I wasn’t attacking Cllr Davis, merely pointing out inaccuracies in the report that suggested he was somehow unique in having a case list.

    I do think the list of Knowsley issues is of interest to residents but we have regular PACT meetings where we discuss such matters, so it’s no secret. I’m not trying to make political capital out of the casework that we’re all elected to undertake.

    I don’t agree with negative politics, which is why I don’t talk down Ormskirk when I’m trying to address issues here. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the OWLs do and I think the public should be informed of misleading statements. If you do your best to do good work, listening to the concerns of your residents, your record should speak for itself. There’s no need to mislead or scaremonger.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      The perception in many comments is of attacking, or being critical. It was my perception that Cllr Davis was unique, as I would being in Aughton where five councillors appear to be uniquely invisible until election time. We used to have PACT meetings but being poorly attended they ended too. As an independent commentator I just don’t see OWLs talking Ormskirk down, I see them, and you probably, raising issues that I wish were raised in Aughton. But they will be for another three weeks or so, the blue rosettes will appear, and slide away into anonymity just as always.

      1. Adam Yates

        Well, you have my sympathies in regard to your current representation (or lack of).

        Just a couple of examples as to how the OWLs talk down the town can be seen in the petitions they have run regarding Park Pool and car parking, both of which are misleading and paint a very poor picture of the town.

        Park Pool has never been under threat from this Labour administration (quite the opposite, in fact), with Cllr Owens trying to contrive an issue based on a reference in a report initiated under the previous Conservative administration (which he was part of) and which we inherited.

        They also tried to mislead the public on the use of ANPR in the car parks, saying it was going to be used to increase revenue from fines. It was one of many options considered to allow more flexible payments (not to increase fines issued) but wasn’t considered an adequate solution. I challenged Cllr Owens on this in Full Council and asked that he take the misleading report off the OWL website, which he refused to do.

        So, forgive me if I see their approach to local politics somewhat differently from yourself! I’m in all in favour of debating these matters but it must be done honestly.

      2. westlancashirerecord Post author

        We’ll have to disagree about talking down the town. Notwithstanding Park Pool, visitors have a poor impression of the town, of shops closing and now charity shops closing too. As for debating being done honestly, who isn’t?

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