A Foul Attack On Burscoughnians

Flooded residents of Burscough are to face a period of re-education in how not to flood their homes !

Reading the Champion today  you might wonder what residents of Burscough have done to earn a rebuke from United Utilities that “…the majority of the flooding causes relating to UU assets in the Burscough area relate to operational causes such as blockages caused by inappropriate items being discharged into the sewer network such as wipes, fats/oils/grease and food debris. Therefore United Utilities is currently developing an approach specific to Burscough to raise awareness amongst customers about what should not be discharged into the sewer network to help reduce the number of blockages occurring”.

Note the last sentence, “…to help reduce the number of blockages occurring”. It will not stop them altogether, so what will UU do then, increase the sewage capacity, which is the problem anyway?

As Gavin Rattray of the Burscough Flooding Group says “Despite the Champion being supplied with the information and proof by Burscough Flooding Group it didn’t mention that United Utilities chief executive Steven Mogford had said the foul sewer flooding problems that residents in Gower Gardens (adjacent to the area pictured in the article) were suffering from, was due to UU having insufficient drainage capacity and that problem wouldn’t even be considered for expenditure until the 2020-2025 period. Yet within weeks of OFWAT beginning an investigation into whether UU were deliberately under-recording sewer flooding, LCC and UU jointly dug up large parts of the area around Gower Gardens and rerouted the network to increase the capacity in that area. Great picture, awful problem, awful article”.

Meanwhile UU will continue to charge all residents of West Lancashire for its services while all residents of West Lancashire won’t receive full value for those charges. Just ask UU why its profits rise year on year while its “investment” programmes are tied to five year cycles providing five years of crap in customers’ homes! Reading about “UU having confirmed a number of actions it was taking to find a long term solution to the flooding issues experienced in the Burscough and Halsall catchment areas” will seem like more of the same for longer. Never mind, all you residents of Burscough, listen to UU teacher as he tells you what you can flush into his inadequate sewers!

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