Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 10, 2018

The First Job Of Public Office Is To Support Your Residents

Having read that, are you curious about Aughton & Downholland Cllr Squawk Currie , who said it? His ward is suffering badly from appalling roads, regular flooding of Town Green Lane and Prescot Road, overgrown and unkempt Town Greens, increasing crime, and its Police Station  closed for two months with no re-opening in sight. His silence on all matters in the ward is as bad as his fellow ward councillor and leader’s false outbursts that they are liars.

So what do we read from him? Here it is “Anyone who knows me will know that few things get under my skin or genuinely annoy me. But for anybody who read a post of mine last week about a mother in Burscough who wrote to Rosie Cooper asking her for help with regards to cystic fibrosis may want to read a little further.

“Basically, she still hasn’t received a response despite sending the letter on 6th March. Rosie has since managed to get her face in the newspapers a few times and put out a couple of press releases. This lady got in touch with me today because she got a letter from Rosie Cooper’s office. “Finally” she thought. Until she opened it. Rosie has still ignored the mother’s letter and has actually got the audacity to send a letter offering support in whatever way she can! Does Rosie Cooper have any moral integrity whatsoever?

“I don’t care what political party you support, stand for, what box you tick on polling day or what box your name is next to on that ballot paper. The first job of public office is to support your residents. Full stop. I know that people who work in Rosie Cooper’s office follow this page so please get a grip. Sort it out. For the sake of our residents. They deserve so much more”.

They do, they really do, deserve much more, but from their elected ward councillor. Soundly beaten by Rosie Cooper in the general election, Currie is now irrelevant to local politics and local issues faced by the public of Aughton & Downholland. His personal vendetta with Rosie Cooper is a matter that has confused his duty to the borough council taxpayers. Grow up or get out might be his option, but otherwise we are stuck with him for two more years. Perish the thought!

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