Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 9, 2018

Only 12 Months Of Poor Services? Pull The Other One

There is a formal public minute from the meeting of the APC held on 12 February 2018. It states “Borough Councillor David Westley spoke briefly on the emerging Local Plan; poor standard of services and grass-cutting over the past 12 months and the proposed improvements during the next financial year when some services would be returned to WLBC from LCC”.

The minute continued “The Parish Council considered the Parish of Aughton had, over the past 12 months, seen a decline in services and appearance due to the fact that LCC and WLBC were not carrying out their responsibilities. Aughton residents were high council tax payers and deserved high standards. It was hoped that the standards regime would improve by both councils in this next financial year”.

Westley, and the APC, might regret not having remembered the history of how the decline in services was not just over the past 12 months, but for nearly four years, as an exchange of emails between residents and the WLBC proves and during the tenure of Westley as Leader. The Borough Housing Manager became involved in an exchange of matters affecting the “white van”  of Town Green and the “Bring your environment to life, apply for funding today” campaign for council tenants.

On the basis that Borough Housing Division owns the tenants’ leaseholds of 21 to 47 Town Green Lane it was assumed until notified otherwise that funding of flower beds and other such decorative floral arrangements would be available to those properties, ie Town Green itself. As was quoted at the time “We much prefer flower beds to a permanent “white van bed” fronting Town Green”. Alas, no funding for anything floral appeared.

As ever it seems the APC in February listened to claptrap. They’ll probably listen to more of the same tonight?

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