Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 9, 2018

Greenall v Moon v Currie Spat

The twitter accounts for Cnty Cllr Greenall and Cllr Currie are in a personal feud exchange involving the wretched situation despised by the electorate for what is perceived to be pure political greed, that of Wyre and WLBC Cllr Moon claiming full time allowances for part time representation.


“For the record, and just in case I’ve never made my views clear before, I think the act of sitting on two Borough Councils at once is bloody outrageous:



“This is the man who became a county Cllr under the Tory name, using Tory funds and then immediately resigned the party whip. He now refuses to call a by election because he knows he would lose. Maybe keep your opinions to yourself until you get some principles of your own, Paul”.

Just for the record, and observing the claims made by Currie on behalf of Moon, what principles applied in the case of their leader Cllr Westley accusing people of telling lies door to door, or when an official WLBC website announcement was made on Thursday, May 29, 2014 that “The Conservative Group on the Council has elected Councillor Adrian Owens as its Leader and Councillor David Westley as Conservative Deputy Leader”. But by 11 June 2014 the website announced “After an adjournment of the meeting, Conservative Councillor David Westley was then elected Leader of the Council”?

Might it be assumed that the swamp Cllr Greenall wants drained has reached depths that are now being exposed to the public on a par with Moon’s own record of “poo bag throwing”?


  1. Moon seems to hold some Rasputin like hold over Currie, Ashcroft and the rest.

    • Whatever it is, standards of appreciation for like minded political friends and allies are at an all time low in their party, looked at through the examples displayed by some of them.

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