Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 9, 2018

Dear Resident, From Stephenson & Westley

The Aughton Park Tory candidate Doreen Stephenson, aided and abetted by M Westley, has produced an election time response  to the decision by the Planning Inspectorate that left the local Tory party in the quagmire of “safeguarded from development in the greenbelt” shame they had created for themselves.

The Local Plan 2012-27 allowed Wainhomes, and Redrow Homes, to obtain planning permission. The planning inspectorate’s decision, issued on 19 August 2016 , read “The appeal is allowed and planning permission is granted for a hybrid application – full planning application for the erection of 50 dwellings and associated works, and outline application including details of access for development of up to 100 dwellings plus 295m2 of D1 uses at land to east of Prescot Road, Aughton. The Planning Inspector agreed with Wainhomes that the council plan did not demonstrate the necessary requirement of five years land supply nor sufficiently addressed the question of affordable housing or designated accommodation for the elderly”.

But in 2018 the Planning Inspectorate, after a WLBC appeal, made a decision superseding that issued on 19 August 2016 which was quashed by order of the High Court. The appeal was dismissed.

Now, read about the Conservative Administration amended view, the robustness, the minimized impact on the greenbelt, the Labour intent to produce a plan to cover 30 years and need the release of hundreds of acres of prime agricultural land in our greenbelt. Labour simply do not appreciate the importance of our greenbelt.

It’s been said before and it will be repeated again. D Westley accused Aughton’s campaigners against the Tory local plan of wasting time and telling lies door to door . No apology, no withdrawal of that public accusation, yet not one doorstep lie ever confirmed. When you read your copy of this latest claptrap, remember whose support Aughton received in its hour of need. No doubt Labour will remind us all on Wednesday evening in the village hall. A waste of time?


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