Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 6, 2018

Aughton Parish Council Meeting About Assorted Matters

The Aughton Parish Council (APC)  will meet on Monday 9 April at 7.30pm to discuss various matters including its mushroom method of releasing historical and out of date information about crimes in Aughton since it last met, none of which assists local Neighbourhood Watch members’ awareness of criminal threats against them and their property. It might, for all we know, discuss the two month closure of the Aughton Police Station due, apparently, to building work that is so far invisible. 

The APC might consider the LCC “Consultation on proposed changes to a disabled person’s NoWcard Scheme” that will force an increase from the 50p flat fare on journeys on local buses, which begin before 9.30am on Mondays to Fridays, to £1. LCC wants to know how this will affect people, who might reply “Stop paying elected politicians “special responsibility allowances” before robbing the electorate again”.

One item sure to draw public comment will be “Planning Appeals – to receive Notice of Appeal Decisions: Land off Parrs Lane & Prescot Road”. This is where the public might watch for squirming of bums on seats occupied by Aughton’s longer serving ward councillors, assuming they attend, of course.

Other planning matters include an application for “Change of use of barn to pet crematorium” at Lime Tree Barn, 59 Winifred Lane, and one “Application for determination as to whether prior approval of details is required – change of use of agricultural storage building to a dwellinghouse and for associated operational development” at Malt Kiln Lane, Parrs Lane. It’s unusual, being a Class Q Permitted Development Change of Use, not affecting the fiercely protected local greenbelt.

The APC will also “consider and approve the purchase of a replacement mower (previously reported)” for keeping parish owned grass in pristine condition while borough owned grass throughout the parish will remain unkempt and disgraceful.

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