Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 4, 2018

Tory Election News

The forms for nomination of candidates for the West Lancs Borough Council 2018 Elections must be received by 4pm on 6 April.

As of today the local Tory Association lists Candidates for Conservative held wards seeking re-election are, Aughton Park Cllr Doreen Stephenson; Aughton & Downholland Cllr David O’Toole; Burscough East Cllr Ruth Melling; Newburgh Cllr Eddie Pope; Parbold Cllr David Whittington; Scarisbrick Cllr Jane Marshall.

Also listed are, “Opposition” held wards for which Conservative Candidates seek election are Burscough West Gill Taylor; Ormskirk Derby Lynne Gray; Ormskirk Knowsley Jeff Vernon; Ormskirk Scott George Pratt; Upholland Dave Marsh.

Simply listed as Skelmersdale wards, which are also definitely held by the “Opposition” are Ashurst; Moorside; Skelmersdale South; Tanhouse. These wards may become “paper candidate wards” only for seats with no chance of winning. As they claim “We’re into the final month before local elections. And we’re standing for what matters: better services, lower taxes. We know that’s what Conservative councillors deliver. And we know, that ahead of May 3rd, you too can stand with us. Because every 🗳 vote 🗳 counts”. Whoops, their twitter pic is for Bletchley Park!

Council candidates in Liverpool also have to get their nomination papers in by 4pm on Friday, though the Tories have left things a little late. “Guido Fawkes hears a team of six election agents were knocking on doors in Liverpool yesterday asking two questions. Firstly, “Are you a Conservative?” and then, if yes “Would you like to be a council candidate in May?”. Of course it’s right that the Tories should be running candidates even in seats they have no hope of winning, but a group of six southern poshos literally searching the streets of Liverpool asking Scousers if they want to run three days before the deadline is perhaps not the best look. Normally the nomination process would start a month ago, and instead they have left it to the last minute with no due diligence whatsoever”.

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