Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 1, 2018

Embarrassed About The Area We Live In?

In letters to the Champion John Brown of Aughton  is cross about his “local area” and embarrassed to show it to his visiting relations. Ranging from the Royal Oak pub with no beer, just lager, to the Park Pool with no baby pool, Wetherspoons with a “puked on” chair, and finally the Dog and Gun, closed!

He then describes pot holes everywhere, perhaps he saw this one at Scarth Hill Lane already “repaired” three times,  or this one in Bold Lane , 20MPH limits that nobody takes notice of, lack of grass cutting, no police presence since one who resembled “Dixon of Dock Green”, and he concludes he is appalled.

He’s not alone. as John Cooke of Up Holland claims the “borough is declining at a rapid rate” . No fully operational hospital, police officers are a rarity, carriageways and footpaths in poor condition, people carrying torches at night due to the reduction in street lighting intensity, no local library or post office, all despite the “5.65% increase in council tax” and a request for voluntary £100 donations. [That’s a new one?]

His only good news is we will soon be having another wheelie bin to further block the footpaths. Is this what the increase in council tax is for, he asks?

Perhaps these two gentlemen might be wondering why, allowing for the state of Aughton and Up Holland, we seldom hear from our local councillors about these issues? Well, not until election time, that is! And just a thought, Aughton Parish Council will soon be pondering on whether or not to enter the Lancashire Best Kept Village competition 2018!

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