What Do Our Councillors Actually Do?

Mr Graham Walker of Up Holland asks the question in the Champion . He wants us, the silent majority, to be advised on a regular basis what our councillors actually do. He might wish he had never asked the question. But he goes further, he claims a “mandatory four reports a year to be submitted by each councillor about their portfolios and activities would be good”. And on where and how our money is used he claims “It is not shown in the annual financial report…a masterpiece of obfuscation”.

He won’t be surprised to be told everything financial IS shown in the annual financial report, and as for what our councillors are being paid and the amount of expenses claimed that is also shown, on the WLBC website

As for those “four reports a year” he wants, in 2015 one councillor, Doreen Stephenson, submitted a “Parish Annual Report” that referred to Downholland rather than Halsall. It proved to be a copy of the report made by Westley for his ward, and provided proof if that were needed of her apparent disdain for her role and the electorate of Halsall. Perish the thought she might do that four times a year for the Aughton Park electorate whose misfortune it is that she represents them, at least until 3 May?

2 thoughts on “What Do Our Councillors Actually Do?

  1. neil campbell (@limetreevilla)

    Halsall residents may also remember when Cllr Doreen Stephenson in her very last annual report for Halsall was “I have no report”, two months later, Cllr Stephenson became “EX” Cllr Stephenson of Halsall. Our new Borough councillor for Halsall, Cllr Maureen Mills presents a “monthly” report during the Halsall Parish Council meeting covering her activities, Borough news, updates of cabinet meetings and working groups, etc. I believe she has only missed one Parish meeting which clashed with a cabinet meeting but her monthly report was still submitted and was read out instead. How many councillors can better that or come even close? Sometimes the only way to lure a councillor out into the community is to lay on a large free buffet or a reporters lens!


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