United Utilities Unites With Halsall Residents

In a long awaited development, residents of New Cut Lane Halsall are seeing a response from United Utilities (UU) about local flooding problems. Since the lively Halsall New Cut Lane residents’ meeting just over a week ago, UU have shown they listened to the residents and are acting upon the local flooding issues raised with them.

After an abundance of photographic and written evidence was provided by affected residents New Cut Lane has been a hive of activity as several UU engineering teams have been on site all week  knocking on doors explaining their intentions to provide a detailed drainage survey to all homes. This is the proactive response the residents wanted .

UU are cleaning and jetting sewerage pipes, then conducting detailed CCTV inspections to find any faults and the root causes of the drainage system inadequacies.

They are also tracing older drains which may not be mapped, or thought to be redundant, which can then be passed on to the various authorities in order to fully understand the surface and foul water infrastructure and commit to a proper plan of action.

In addition, UU are also inspecting and reporting surface road and gully systems and unkempt brooks as part of a fully robust study into the flood issues which has plagued residents due to poor maintenance and lack of investment for nearly forty years !

The residents look forward to the Environment Agency and Lancashire County Council Highways department being similarly proactive in the very near future and await their reports and findings.

4 thoughts on “United Utilities Unites With Halsall Residents

  1. localpoliticswatcher

    Not sure reacting to a resident meeting is being “proactive” but at least they are out there now, so credit to them.

  2. John Hodson

    ‘Reacting’ is ‘proactive’ in that you can only progress from where you are, the recent level of collaboration between the various Agencies involved has not come about by accident, with an unprecedented level of communication at political and professional levels which is something we have not seen before and at the very least ensures that what can be done will be done given the dysfunctional system of the whole flood/drainage/sewer issues that go across the Country. Rather than the various agencies and the public- practising the ‘circular firing squad’ approach of playing the blame game on each other- when the elephant in the room is central Government with its fragmented approach to a highly complex subject.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      I quite fancy the idea of a local use of a “circular firing squad” particularly for those meetings about public services that “have” to be held in secret because of FoI Act exemptions. The public pay huge amounts of tax for council and utility services, they are entitled to transparency.


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