Rosie Cooper Welcomes Locals’ Parrs Lane Victory

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has welcomed the decision by the Planning Inspectorate to dismiss the appeal by developers to build on the Parrs Lane site in Aughton.

She said “This is a fantastic win for those residents who have campaigned for so many years initially against the site’s inclusion in the Local Plan and continued the fight through the planning application and appeal stages.

“We don’t often see such wins for local democracy but I am pleased that the Planning Inspectorate has taken on board the valid views of Aughton residents and West Lancashire Borough Council in turning down this appeal to develop land at the Parrs Lane site .

“It is important to build houses to provide for young and first time buyers but such development should always be in appropriate settings and developers can’t be left to cherry pick where they wish to build based on profits, housing should be built based on where there is a need and not based on where the greatest profits are”.

2 thoughts on “Rosie Cooper Welcomes Locals’ Parrs Lane Victory”

  1. What a shame Conservative Aughton gets well looked after and Labour Burscough gets tossed on the sacrificial building heap.

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