Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 27, 2018

No More Politics By Facebook?

As the Facebook data privacy scandal grows ever worse, will it have an effect on local politics? Locally, OWLs use Facebook more than Labour who use it more than Conservatives. Perhaps a $50billions loss of its share price might soon end any market and community value?

But meantime the OWLs raised the issue of “Planning – did you know WLBC officers are considering more than 250 possible housing development sites in West Lancashire? Further, Labour and Conservative councillors are meeting regularly behind closed doors  in a cabinet working group (OWL councillors are excluded) that is drawing up a local plan that aims to build many thousands of new homes in our area and release further green belt. Main party councillors will probably follow instructions and policies laid down by HQ. Independent OWLs vote for their residents’ interests only.

“A new local plan is a long process. The first votes for councillors will take place in the autumn but there will be plenty of other opportunities to help residents make their voices heard loud and clearly. The more councillors we have that are Independent of party whips and free to vote to represent the interests of the residents who elect them the better. There is still time for more Independent candidates in the local elections in a few weeks”.

Cllr John Hodson responded “Cllr Owens either doesn’t understand the Local Plan Review process or is pretending he doesn’t. The Local Plan Cabinet Working Group is just that, a working Group which has to consider ALL inputs into the process before making a recommendation to Cabinet. It is not “secret” [Definition-something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others!] it is confidential [Definition-intended to be kept secret!], for good reason as land values can be drastically altered by designate on for development and so needs to be treated impartially and free from influence. I chair the LPCWG and have not received a single instruction from HQ. It’s not often the OWLs get anything right and on this one they are wrong again!” Ouch!

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