Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 20, 2018

Aughton Park Labour Candidate

Meet Bernie Green again , who has a chance to unseat the incumbent Cllr Stephenson in May. When local residents received the Stephenson election bumph they were astonished by the claim of her “caring for the community” after she “cared” for them by walking out of a Full Council meeting leaving them unrepresented. She said a priority will be “Restricting future housing developments to that appropriate for Aughton’s needs…” while ignoring the legal fight to stop the Parrs Lane development as a  site in the Local Plan she voted for!  It seems that she only cares for herself and the whipping from her party leader when it suits them. 

At the last election fought by these candidates Stephenson scraped home by 286 votes in a large turnout affected by the General Election in this ward where a dog wearing a blue rosette would normally be elected. But times change, people change, and with a normal local election drop in voting to around 37% of the electorate who knows if this is time for a huge change to Bernie Green? Get the vote out, win the seat

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