Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 16, 2018

United Utilities Strike

It is with some irony that West Lancashire residents hear about a UNISON North West Regional Organiser telling them “Our members are asking whether they are being made to pay the costs of the company’s failings out of their pensions. While executives and shareholders are doing nicely, attacks are being made on the staff who deliver an essential service to the public. It is wrong that a public utility is being run in this way”.

So staff at North West based water company United utilities are walking out on strike today because of a change to their pensions . And they will repeat the strike on Monday. A picket line has formed outside the water company’s headquarters at Langley Mere Business Park in Warrington.

So will they be missed? Perhaps there will be some wry smiles from members of the public in places like Burscough and Halsall, where raw sewage on streets and in homes is seemingly the Victorian standard of service from UU. That phrase “It is wrong that a public utility is being run in this way” has been on the lips and the pens of campaigners for a long time. And more to come, that’s for sure!


  1. It seems that United Utitities don’t want to pay for wages, pensions or infrastructure but are more than happy to pay large dividends to shareholders and execs. Shouldn’t their business model be reversed? “Helping life flow smoothly” or should their motto now be “helping cash flow smoothly”?

    • UU revenue £1,704million, operating profits £605million, dividend per share £38.87, all for year to March 2017. What could be flowing smoother?

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