Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 15, 2018

Councillors “In Danger Of Disappearing Up Their Own Backsides”.

A political reporter at BBC Radio has described events about how the leader of Conservative-controlled South Ribble Council has survived a proposed vote of no confidence. The authority’s Labour opposition tried to oust Peter Mullineaux  and his cabinet at a meeting on Wednesday evening. South Ribble Conservative Association includes WLBC and Wyre Councillor Paul Moon, infamous for a dog poo throwing incident in Wyre, in its membership.

Labour described the Mullineaux leadership as “incompetent” and said he had “failed to carry out his obligations in a diligent and professional manner”. Mr Mullineaux said the motion was “unacceptable and unwarranted”.

In a statement read to the extraordinary meeting, he said he had been unable to attend the hearing as he was at his brother’s funeral. He said he and his administration had made “great strides” and people were satisfied with their work. South Ribble’s Labour Mayor Mick Titherington summed up last night’s meeting by saying councillors were “in danger of disappearing up their own backsides”.

The debate was punctuated by frequent laughter from the public gallery as both members and officers regularly seemed unaware as to what exactly was being debated and voted on. The mayor had opened the meeting by warning councillors to avoid “personal attacks”. But before long both the main groups were accusing each other of bullying, grandstanding and playing games.

The council has been in disarray for a few years now, mostly down the fact the Conservative administration’s majority is so slim and there seems to be a number of factions within the controlling group. Some senior Conservatives told after the meeting that despite surviving the vote they believe the current leader’s days are numbered.

Paul Foster, leader of the Labour group, said the motion was “not a power grab” but insisted the current administration was “incompetent”. He pointed to what he described as “disastrous” attempts to close leisure centres, and the authority “struggling” to get its budget through.

The Conservatives, who have a single seat majority on the council, opposed the motion which was defeated by 25 votes to 21. Two independent councillors voted against Labour.

Mr Mullineaux, who was elected leader in 2016, described the no confidence motion as “totally and completely unacceptable and unwarranted”. The Conservatives are to hold a leadership election in May. Only recently Councillor Paul Wharton’s proposal that South Ribble Council change its rules to ban boozing on official business was voted down at Leyland Civic Centre. He said the motion was triggered by two colleagues allegedly turning up “smelling of alcohol” before Christmas. But council leader Peter Mullineaux said they were “wild and false claims”.


  1. I think it’s too late for many. Far too late.

    • Yet there are survivors, some who lie about ward residents, some who libel ward residents, and they keep on being elected and taking easy money from the same residents via taxation! They know who they are, as we do!

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